Smarter decisions. More beef. Bigger profits.

Operated by Warren and Carol Weibert since 1977, Decatur County Feed Yard in northwest Kansas is a family business built on three profit-driven, time-proven principles:

  1. Ranchers retaining ownership of cattle through the feed yard.
  2. Managing and marketing cattle as individuals.
  3. Providing comprehensive individual animal performance data to ranchers.

Together, these steps create a precise benchmarking system that shows you, the rancher, the strengths and weaknesses of your herd. This information enables you to make objective culling and bull-purchasing decisions to dramatically and quickly improve your herd’s profitability.

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What is retained ownership?

Retained ownership is when ranchers hold on to cattle longer than they typically would — into the next phase or two of cattle production. According to CattleFax, nearly 80% of the time, a typical rancher with spring-born calves is $85 per head more profitable by retaining ownership.

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“I have noticed after using Decatur over a three-year period that my closeout weights and quality have improved by 15 percent each year — which turns into dollars returned."