Smarter decisions. More beef. Bigger profits.

Operated by Warren and Carol Weibert since 1977, Decatur County Feed Yard in northwest Kansas is a family business built on three profit-driven, time-proven principles:

  1. Ranchers retaining ownership of cattle through the feed yard.
  2. Managing and marketing cattle as individuals.
  3. Providing comprehensive individual animal performance data to ranchers.

Together, these steps create a precise benchmarking system that shows you, the rancher, the strengths and weaknesses of your herd. This information enables you to make objective culling and bull-purchasing decisions to dramatically and quickly improve your herd’s profitability.

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What are the maximum and minimum herd sizes you allow?

We work with herd sizes from 100 to 10,000 head.

All Decatur clients have access to our buyer, due to the large number of herds that are all in one place. Essentially, it turns small cow-calf producers into large producers.

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“Decatur is clean and well-maintained, and has exceptional facilities and competent personnel. “I would recommend feeding here to anyone wanting usable data and the desire to determine where your cattle fit in the marketplace. They try to market every animal at the most economical time for every animal’s potential.”