Individual Data

Decatur is one of the only feed yards in the country where you’ll get comprehensive data on each animal at closeout. This invaluable information helps you breed more consistent, more valuable cattle in the future.

Animal Performance Data

Our computerized system documents accurate, comprehensive data about each animal on herd arrival and at individual sale. After sale, you receive detailed closeout data that is arguably the best in the industry.

Your data will include the following for each animal:

  • Hip height at receiving
  • Weight at receiving (pay weight)
  • Shrunk live weight at sale
  • Hot carcass weight
  • Carcass price
  • Live price
  • Ribeye measurement
  • Processing cost
  • Treatment cost
  • Cattle cost
  • Days on feed
  • Feed efficiency
  • Marbling score
  • Average daily gain
  • Cost of gain
  • Date finished
  • Quality grade (Prime, Choice, Select, No Roll, Certified Angus Beef, Dark Cutting, Hard Bone, Sterling Silver, AngusPride)
  • Final yield grade score
  • Calculated live price
  • Added carcass value
  • Net return (profit/loss)
  • Market-adjusted net return
  • Profit and loss statement
  • Constant market amount returned to ranch
  • Market-adjusted return to ranch index

Comparative Data

You will also receive a lot closeout for your entire herd (including average sale date and average sale weight) — and anonymous comparative data for all participating ranchers at Decatur. With these reports in hand, you’ll be able to see how your herd measures up…and where you can improve.

Data Analysis

We work with you to interpret and analyze your data. What you learn will allow you to begin making strategic adjustments to your selection criteria and breeding choices. The key is to determine how the genetics of your most successful animals can be reproduced for future herds. This data gives you the power to do that.

Genetics Assistance

If you want additional genetics assistance, we can also connect you with one of our partner seedstock producers. They can identify and explain any deficiencies in your genetics, and pinpoint the strengths. They will help advise you on whether to continue to use particular bulls you already have, or select new bulls to improve your genetics and enhance your profitability.

Baseline for Your Herd

The first year you work with Decatur, you’ll establish a baseline for your cattle. In the years that follow, you’ll monitor changes in your herd’s genetics and your profits. That regular, ongoing measurement is how you improve and maintain your bottom line.

Risk Management

Retaining ownership of a portion of your cattle is a smart way to diversify your investment (beyond just selling weaned calves). At Decatur, it’s also a great way to minimize your risk. As a cattleman, your biggest risk is not knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your herd. Gaining that information decreases your risk and increases your control.